My Favorite Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are the crisp white shirt of interiors. My collection of design books has grown over the years, and I often select a book from a museum or destination when we travel.

When I begin a styling appointment with a new client I often arrive with a stack of beautiful books to outfit their coffee table, console, or bookshelves. I love to select titles that reflect the interests of the family and often throw in one or two that are a bit quirky.

The versatility and utility of coffee table books make them a must-have piece for every design enthusiast. Simple, yet inherently stylish, the beautiful covers and graphic spines provide color and personality to anywhere in your home.

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Hi, I'm Priscilla

As the daughter of an interior designer, Priscilla has been antiquing since childhood and spent summer vacations touring museums and show homes.

This early introduction and appreciation for art, fabric, and color had a huge impact on her view of the world.

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