How to style an ottoman

An ottoman is a wonderful and functional addition to any home. By adding a few items to the top, it adds dimension and character to any room. Below you’ll find my top five tips for how to decorate and style an ottoman like a pro!

1. Add a tray

One of the easiest ways to style the top of your ottoman is to add a tray. Starting with the texture of this rectangular woven tray it grounds the rest of the items and mirrors the shape of the ottoman. For a similar look try trays of natural materials such as wicker, wood, or marble. Go with galvanized metal for a more casual look.

2. Use the Rule of Three

Once you have selected your tray, use the rule of three to fill it. Some of my favorite items to style inside a tray are coffee table books, candles, and fresh flowers. This can also be a great place to corral functional items the like remote control or coasters. To balance the vignette I keep in mind one part wood or texture, something alive, and one thing for surprise. In these vignettes I’ve stacked a couple of books and added a favorite candle. Seasonal candy, a small dish that has sentimental value, and the weird trinkets you don’t know why you bought all are perfect surprises.

3. Add personal touches for guests

Break out the charcuterie boards. I love game nights, and a pair of rolling cubes are perfect pulled up next to our large coffee table. We use them as mini side tables to hold snacks and a tray of drinks. You can even add a cozy blanket if they are coming over to watch a movie. If your visitors are staying a while, an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed in the guest room styled with a tray of essentials such as toiletries, the wifi password, and bottled water serves as a wonderful welcome to overnight guests.

4. Double Up

If you have two smaller sized ottomans, like the rolling cubes shown, I love pairing two of them side by side! They look wonderful under an entryway table or at the foot of a bed. This quickly adds dimension to your living space, and provides two additional seating options for guests.

5. Add Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books can are a perfect way to add an additional pop of color. And are perfect conversation starters when you have guests over. These cubes roll around the room on brass casters, so you never have to worry about extra seating.

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